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It's free and it's written in JavaTM


You want to play a round of Skat but your buddies don't have time?
You want to improve your playing skills without losing money?
You want to learn how to play Ramsch smarter than the others?

Then JSkat is the right choice for you!

JSkat is a free implementation of the German card game Skat in JavaTM. You can play it on nearly every platform that runs a modern Java Runtime Environment (at least Java 21). We know that it runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS with the JRE from Oracle, but we like to hear from you, if it's playable on other platforms, too. We also like to hear from you if you have problems running JSkat on your platform of choice.

Who is behind JSkat

JSkat was created by Jan Schäfer. In the meantime several other people contributed to JSkat. It's a non-profit project that steals a lot of our spare time. ;o) Our goal is to develop a free computer Skat game that can play either according to the official rules or with a customized special ruleset that is often played in the pubs.

Latest release

2024/03/19: JSkat 0.23 is out. Find all information on the release page at GitHub.

Older releases can also be found at GitHub.


JSkat is copyrighted under the Apache License, Version 2.0.